From Whence Our Hymns

By: Lawrence E. Allen


    When we sing hymns, do we realize what the text of the hymn says?  What is the message of the hymn?  To whom is the message addressed?  As we are in this season of the year, let us read the song, not just sing it.  Let us look at one of our Christmas carols which is not as frequently used as to the spirit of Christmas as much as one of traditional use: Angels From The Realm Of Glory.

In the first verse, the writer has called the entire hosts of heaven to come to the ‘manger scene’ and sing and worship the baby Jesus; then go and announce His birth elsewhere.  In verse two he states the narrative of the first announcement of Jesus’ birth to the humble shepherds as by Matthew and Luke.  In verse three, it is fitting that the birth of Jesus is passed to the ‘upper class’ of the day; the sages, scholars, the ‘smart people’, the intelligentsia if you please. All the saints, the leadership, those who are held in reverence, respect, and admiration are also included.  None are excluded . . . all are welcomed.  They had been looking for the Messiah for lo the many long years.

Finally, the most important part of the announcement was made: JESUS HAS BEEN BORN!  The Messiah has come!  Worship Him, adore Him, recognize Him as the long-awaited Son of God for He has now come (at least in their way of thinking) to set up His kingdom on earth.  Gone will be the Roman domination!  Peace has arrived!  God has come to reign … or so they expected. 

Not wanting to limit the invitation or lest he leave anyone or anything out, all creation, all nature; the writer has included all God’s work in the Psalm-like recognition of God’s Divinity; His omniscience, omnipresence, and the omnipotence of God.  Come and worship, worship Christ the new-born King!

First published in a newspaper and later set to music in the general form we know it today, this seasonal yet non-seasonal poem by James Montgomery, the son of a Moravian pastor in Ireland in 1821, thankfully has been added to our wealth of Christmas music recognizing and underscoring the tradition of the worship of baby Jesus, our Savior.  With this carol which he so uniquely has crafted, we can sing of the all-inclusive event, whether at Christmas time, or any other time of the year!


God And Feelings


With God to inspire

There can be no feeling so good.

For He is within, without,

And all about.


“He who gives the sun for a light by day . . .

The Lord Almighty is His name.”

Jeremiah 31:35


By: Marjorie Mathies

Margorie went home to be with our Lord on February 6, 2019 at the age of 91.

We honor her by posting her poems and prose on our website









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