Time Spent With Jack Yunghan

On Aug. 2 Pastor Bill and I spent a few hours with Jack and his daughter Cindy.  Jack lives in his home on Georgia Ave.  in KCK.  Cindy resides with her husband in Cameron, MO.  They own a floor tile business.   Cindy showed us a beautiful portrait of her family with Jack in the middle.  He is a great grandfather many times.


Jack is pretty self-sufficient despite some medical issues.  He still drives to his favorite store, Sav A Lot--  according to Jack, the only store in the area offering small cans of food suitable for those who live alone.  He shared a story about his walker almost being stolen there.  This didn't happen since his name, address and birth date are noted in three places on the walker!


Jack has a wonderful memory--his stories about time in the Navy, working at General Motors, and growing up in Wyandotte County on a farm were very entertaining.  He is a lifetime resident of the County and spoke with fond memories of his childhood.  His mother was a schoolteacher and prepared him for first grade with some knowledge of world history.  In fact he thought he knew more than the teacher!


Jack has some wonderful memorabilia in his home such as a piggy bank his dad gave him when he was born; but it isn't shaped like a pig--it's in the shape of a copper book.  Jack is unable to open it and thinks it may contain "a dollar or two."  He also has a rocking chair his great grandmother used and even the high chair he used as a child.


Pastor and I had another wonderful visit with a homebound member of First Baptist Church.

"A Visit With June Ruberson"  submitted by Nancy Bessent

On Thursday, June 28, Pastor Bill and I spent the afternoon with June at her home.  She lives at the Parkview Village Retirement Community in KCK.  Beautiful flowers greeted us in the front yard as well as a small fish pond with a rippling waterfall.  June loves her home; her neighbors often visit, especially in the cool evenings to sit on her patio and listen to the rippling waterfall.  Her family visits often to help with her flowers and fish; she does her own housework and cooking.  June has a wonderful memory.  She remembered her time at First Baptist--she was active teaching Sunday school (the learning center for 1st to 6th graders with Nancy Jarrett) and overseeing the kitchen, cooking for church events and the Shepherd Center.  June remembered many of the  people from church and stories about them.  Our conversation also included the current culture, past culture, our pets (June has a 24 year old cockatiel that talks and a 19 year old cat as well as an      unwelcome field mouse), the deer population in Wyandotte County and many other interesting  subjects.  The Pastor and I agree this is a wonderful way to spend the afternoon.

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