Sunday School News 

Peggy and Ayvah are learning about how God gave the Israelites water,

and what all we use water for .

Hamilton is building the Tower of Babel. 

Communion is being introduced in an age-appropriate way.

The children’s classes have been studying the creation story in Genesis. Hamilton and Ayvah planted seeds and have already seen results! Hamilton planted grass, dwarf sunflowers and lettuce. He has even been able to taste a leaf from the fast growing lettuce. Ayvah planted sunflower seeds and after one week saw the stems break through and leaves unfurl. On a nature walk around the church building, Ayvah found a bird’s nest with bright blue robin eggs and peony buds. Visitors to Sunday School have included Ayvah’s cousin Ashlee and Jessie Brockman’s granddaughter Jiya in the Preschool Class and Jessie’s family and Tammie’s niece Rickie in the adult class. 

Ayvah Riddle is enjoying class in the Betty Danley Children’s Room and learning that “Jesus Loves Us”, this quarters emphasis. Her favorite part of class is art and some of her projects are displayed on the room’s bulletin board! 

Did you know that a peeled orange will sink in a bowl of water while an unpeeled orange will float? Hamilton Gordon made this discovery while learning that Jesus wants us to trust Him. The peeled orange showed what happened when Peter stopped trusting Jesus as he tried to walk out to Him on the water. When Peter relied on Jesus, like the unpeeled orange, he floated! Future lessons explore how Jesus healed two blind men and showed love for Zacchaeus. 

Children’s Music 

Musical instruments have become a special interest for Hamilton Gordon. He is taking piano lessons and played for church last summer. In Sunday School he made a guitar with button thread strings and in music a favorite activity has been coloring a large picture of a lute. He is able to play “The B-I-B-L-E” on one of the class’s xylophones and has enjoyed a variety of instruments in Sunday School during lessons on worship. Look for Hamilton on Easter Sunday to sing two songs he has been practicing, “Alleluia” and “He Is Lord”!

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