As we return to Worship we are reminded that we must keep one another safe from contracting this Covid-19 virus.  As many of us have been vaccinated from the virus, there may be others who have not.   It is therefore necessary for us to maintain our awareness of this virus and its spread.  As we all perhaps know, if you are having any flu-like symptoms what-so-ever such as cough, fever, chills, loss of taste or smell, unusual muscle aches etc, you need to stay at home and take precautions.  Testing sites are all over the place these days and if you have any symptoms, please get tested for your safety as well as for the safety of others.  We will require masks to be worn (provided) and hands sanitized entering the Sanctuary (provided). Please pick up your bulletin on the entry table and a Communion Cup as you enter through the center doors of the Sanctuary.  We will also require social distancing practices.  Families may sit together and everyone is asked to keep one row and three seats from one another or family groups.  We will be sanitizing every seat where people sit so we ask that you leave the seat in the down position upon leaving so we can be effective in sanitizing those areas people are sitting in.  We will not be having Children’s church/choir during the sermon at this time.  We will however make those transitions as we feel it is safe and appropriate.  We will be meeting for Worship and for Sunday School for all ages.  We are taking every precaution to keep people safe while we come back together in fellowship to bring praise, honor and glory to our Lord and our God!  We will be singing our hymns in a controlled space not singing out loud but singing softly with the music.  The words will be printed in the bulletin instead of handling hymnals.  We want to encourage everyone who is able to return to our Sunday morning Worship and fellowship!  We hope and pray to see YOU here with us!